On Saturday, January 20, I attended the local Women and LGBTQ2S March for #WaterlooRegion (#womensmarchwr) with my 8 year old son. Particularly after the past year and following the profound impact of the #metoo movement and while women’s rights are increasingly stripped to the South of us and people against choice are emboldened to become more active in Canada, the turnout was a sizable difference from last year in this region. Since the march ended, I’ve learned it was the largest activist gathering this region has yet witnessed and it’s more than timely. After the march, women spoke into the microphone about why they were marching.

Personally, I marched for the protection of our #reproductive rights, for #MMIWG2S (Missing and Murdered Indigneous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit people), for the rights and voices of #LGBT2S people and #WOC (Women of Colour) that they be embraced better in our communities and their voices be more clearly supported and given space to be heard in our movements and our every day. As most of the reasons #WhyIMarch are simultaneously related to why I began this #Womb #documentary #portrait #photography project, I’m sharing the best of the #photos I shot from the #march below. Simply click on one of the photos to enlarge and view in slideshow mode.

Dear #Patriarchy, your #timesup.

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